Goodbye my love

Goodbye my lover…

Goodbye my friend…

You were my everything…

Now your my pain.

I will miss your warmth…

I will miss your lips…

I will miss your arms…

Around my hips.

You were my happiness…

You were my heart…

Now your my sadness…

A painful dart.

My heart will ache…

Cause we’re not together…

Goodbye my love…

Goodbye forever.


Walking through the mud on a rainy day


I have walked through the mud on a rainy day

Not knowing what would happen

At the end of the day.

It seem like the rain would never end

But I couldn’t give up no matter the pain.

I would trip 

I would fall

Full of sorrow

I would get up.

Pulled myself through the mud

With a broken heart

Barely standing up.

I would push and push no matter what

Holding my heart in my chest

Scared that it would fall apart.

Couldn’t take the pain anymore

When would it end

I could no longer stand.

No one to hold on to

Not a hand to pull me through.

I would fall in the mud

Cold and weak

Ready to give up

No point to stand up.

When will it end

When will it stop hurting.

So much pain

I can no longer hold

Oh please make it stop

I can’t bare it anymore.

My soul is breaking

Is just too much

I feel asphyxiating

My heart is giving up.

Life is slowly being sucked out of me

Trying to pull it in

But it’s too strong for me.

Oh when will it end

This pain is slowly killing me.


I have walked through the mud on a rainy day

When will the rain stop

When will this day end.


A Flower Decor


What is the point?

You ripped me off the ground to decorate your table.

Cutting my life short so you can look better.

You cut my life short to make yourself feel better.

What about me? Doesn’t my life matter.

I have my own hopes and my desires.

I love waking up in the morning to the warm beautiful sun.

I love adorning gardens and make people smile.

So, why does my life matter less than yours?

When all I do is bestow happiness.

Particular Rugged & Delicious

img_0971Everyday she would workout in the morning when the gym was less busy. She never let herself be distracted by any muscular men working out. She payed no attention to them. Then one day, as she glanced around, her eyes were caught by the presence of a particular ruggedly handsome guy with grey hair. She couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He was just too good looking. His masculine physique and rugged looks were enchanting but that grey hair made him particularly delicious.

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The Love I´ve Come To Know

imagesWhat is Love?
This is what I have come to know

Love is a selfless act
An act without conditions 

The willingness to do everything in your power
To make someone happy

Love is doing what God wants from you
Even when is hard to do

Love is when your children are sick
And you stay up all night
Taking care of them

Love is when you give up your dreams
To take care of a sick parent
Or when you put your life on hold
For the sake of your children

Love is loving your kids even when they push you away

Is being there for them even when they think they no longer need you

Is protecting them even when they don’t want you to

Love is accepting someone even with their flaws
And focusing on their goodness

Love is the power that gives
And continues to give
Even when it seems that there’s no more to be given.

Is sacrificing oneself
To keep the one’s you love
From knowing pain and shedding a tear.

Love is a sacrifice
One I hold dear.